County Board of Commissioners

Max Miller, Chairman
Bobby Toler, Jr., Vice Chairman
David Gould, Commissioner
Kent Pitts, Commissioner
Dale Foster, Commissioner

309 W. Market Street, Rm 116
Jonesboro, Illinois 62952

(618) 833-8276

The County of Union has a commission form of government. Commissioners are elected at large to six-year terms and one Commissioner is elected at each General Election in November of even-numbered years. The Board will consist of five (5) members. The Union County Board of Commissioners deal with a variety of issues relating to the management of the County which includes the annual budget, consideration of ordinances and resolutions, approval of claims of all County departments, negotiation and approval of labor contracts, animal control issues, Highway Department issues and other duties relating to the day-to-day operations of the County. The Commissioners elect the Chairman each year from their ranks. The Union County Board of Commissioners have regular meeting on the second and fourth Friday of each month which are open to the public. At times, special meetings may be held from time to time. By statute, the County Clerk is the Clerk of the County Board of Commissioners and keeps all records pertaining to official Board action. The County Clerk attests all documents acted upon by the Board of Commissioners and prepares the minutes, or written record of each meeting’s actions, for approval. The State’s Attorney is legal advisor to the County Board of Commissioners. The total operating budget for the County of Union is approximately $4,500,000 and there are approximately sixty (86) employees within the county government.

Animal Control

385 Kaolin Road
Cobden, Illinois 62920

(618) 833-4915

The Union County Animal Control works in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Agriculture in enforcing animal control laws. The Animal Control administers rabies control, investigates all domesticated animal bites, impounds stray cats and dogs, and investigates claims made for livestock killed by domestic animals.

Board of Review

Chair: Jim Haney

309 West Market Street
Room 128
Jonesboro, Illinois 62952

(618) 833-8051

The Union County Board of Review consists of three (3) members whom are appointed by the County Board after passing a State administered exam. The Board of Review meets each June to select a Chair and Secretary, formulate and publish rules and regulations for that year’s session. Board of Review also reviews property tax assessments in the County. The Board of Review accepts and holds hearings on assessment complaints from July to September 10. After September 10, members research values on each complaint filed, thereafter issuing a written decision. The Board of Review duties also consist of intra county equalization, representing County in all State Property Appeal board proceedings, adding omitted property to tax rolls, acting on exemption requests and performing sales ratio studies. Upon completion, Board of Review delivers one set of assessment books to the County Clerk, who then certifies the abstract
to the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Circuit Clerk

Tiffany Busby

309 West Market Street
Room 145
Jonesboro, Illinois 62952

(618) 833-5913

The Union County Circuit Clerk is the keeper of the files and records of the Circuit Court. They work at the direction of the Circuit Court, Appellate Court and Supreme Court of Illinois. The Circuit Clerk is mandated to follow and enforce the laws of the State of Illinois. The Circuit Clerk process all documents in criminal and civil cases, summons jurors, handle costs, fines, restitution and support each year. The Union County Circuit Clerk also issue summons, writs, subpoenas and other documents mandated by the courts.


Phil Hileman

800 Public Square
Jonesboro, Illinois 62952

(618) 833-2131

The Union County Coroner reviews all deaths occurring in Union County. The Coroner investigates and determines the cause and manner of death for every person in the County whose death is suspected of not being from natural causes and also conducts autopsies and toxicology testing when needed. The Coroner is responsible for the recovery and identification of human remains and issues investigative reports, cremation permits and coroner death certificates.

County Clerk

Lance Meisenheimer

309 West Market Street
Room 116
Jonesboro, Illinois 62952

(618) 833-5711

The Union County Clerk serves as ex-officio Clerk of the County Board. The County Clerk records county board meeting minutes, resolutions and ordinances, publicizes County Board meetings, issues County licenses, maintains records and issues certificates of vital statistics, registers voters, conducts elections, files campaign disclosure and statements of economic interest, registers notaries public, and registers assumed business names. The County Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining permanent, public record of all real estate transactions in Union County. Land records in this office date from 1818 to the present and vital records date from 1878 to present. It is the responsibility of the County Clerk to serve the public and uphold the law by following the applicable statutes of the State of Illinois.

Emergency Management Agency

Director: Dana Pearson

301 West Mississippi Street
Jonesboro, Illinois 62952

(618) 697-0760

The Emergency Management Agency has State Mandate to plan for, respond to, and recover from any natural or manmade disasters, affecting residents of Union County. The Emergency Management Agency works to coordinate local, state, and federal response to disasters.

Highway Department

Superintendent: Kevin Grammer

306 Mississippi Street
Jonesboro, Illinois 62952

(618) 833-2912

The Union County Highway Department prepares and supervises plans, specifications, and estimates for County bridges and culvert. The Highway Department supervises the construction and maintenance of all Union County highways, bridges and culverts. The Highway Department keeps records of contracts, purchases of materials, and machinery. The Union County Highway Department also administers the County Motor Fuel Fund, County Bridge Fund, State and Local Bridge Fund, and Township Motor Fuel Tax Fund.

Redeploy Illinois

Program Director: Keri E Clark
1st Circuit Redeploy Illinois & 1st Circuit Juvenile Justice Council

309 W. Market Street Rm. 239
Jonesboro, IL 62952

Phone: (618) 833-9310
Fax: (618) 833-3349


Scott Harvel

308 W. Mississippi Street (physical address)
Jonesboro, Il 62952

309 West Market Street (postal address)
Room 004
Jonesboro, Illinois 62952

(618) 833-5500

The Union County Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in Union County with Countywide jurisdiction. The Sheriff provides law enforcement services for the unincorporated areas of the County and law enforcement assistance to other police agencies. The Sheriff participates in combined law enforcement agency services such as drug investigation and police communications. The Union County Sheriff also provides service to the Courts by serving all court documents, and provides courtroom security. The Sheriff serves all warrants of arrest issued by the Courts.

State’s Attorney

Tyler R. Edmonds

309 West Market Street
Room 239
Jonesboro, Illinois 62952

(618) 833-7216

The Union County State’s Attorney prosecutes all criminal and traffic cases in the Circuit Court and initiates all neglect, abuse and delinquency juvenile petitions and proceedings. The State’s Attorney prosecutes all actions and proceedings brought by any County officer and defend actions and proceedings brought against the County or against County officers. The Union County State’s Attorney gives opinions to any county officer upon request and provides interpretation of the law relating to concerns of the County.

Supervisor of Assessments

Tammy Robinson

309 West Market Street
Room 128
Jonesboro, Illinois 62952

(618) 833-8051

The Union County Supervisor of Assessments oversees real property assessment process through the County, ensuring implementation within the law that was enacted by the Illinois General Assembly and Court decisions. The Supervisor of Assessments maintains tax maps, property record cards, exemption certificates and keeps a current list of property owners. The Supervisor of Assessments sends notice of assessment changes to taxpayers and publishes the assessments in the newspapers. The Supervisor of Assessments works under the directives of the Department of Revenue and provides them with information. The Supervisor of Assessments serves as the Clerk of the County Board of Review to ensure Board of Review actions, decisions, notices, publications and complaints are processed in a timely manner and have met the statutory requirements.


Leigh Burns

309 West Market Street
Room 123
Jonesboro, Illinois 62952

(618) 833- 5621

The Union County Treasurer keeps receipts of all revenue into the County, invests all County funds and covers all disbursements authorized by the County Board. The Treasurer has the responsibility for the collection of and filing monthly report of inheritance funds with the State Treasurer’s Office. The Treasurer collects property and mobile home taxes for all taxing districts in the County and collects and distributes fund from taxes to all taxing districts, bills and collects drainage assessment taxes. The County Treasurer also supervises sale on delinquent real estate taxes.

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