FOIA Request FAQ

What is the Freedom of Information Act?

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law that guarantees all persons access to complete information regarding the activities and policies of government and public officials.

Who can make a request?

Anyone can make a request.

What can be requested?

Anything not expressly exempted by the FOIA statute must be disclosed.

How is a FOIA request made?

The easiest way to submit a FOIA request is to fill out our FOIA request form; be as specific as possible in the description section.  This should be submitted to one of our Freedom of Information Officers.  Requests can also be made in person or over the phone.

Who are the Freedom of Information Officers for Union County?

Chief Information Officer Rollie Hawk and State’s Attorney Tyler Edmonds are our Freedom of Information Officers.

Where should I submit FOIA requests?

All FOIA requests for Union County should be submitted to one of the following:

Rollie Hawk
Chief Information Officer

618-833-UCIT (8248)

309 W. Market
Room 115
Jonesboro, IL 62952

Tyler Edmonds
State’s Attorney


309 W. Market
Room 220
Jonesboro, IL 62952

Can FOIA requests be made for commercial purposes?

Yes, but they will be given lower priority than other requests and may be subject to additional fees.  If a request is being made for commercial purposes then that should be disclosed at the time the request is made.

What happens after a FOIA request is submitted?

Ordinarily, within five business days, the submitter will be contacted and either the requested information will be made available and any fees will be calculated or the request will be rejected and an explanation will be given.

Under some circumstances, such as commercial requests, additional time will be allowed.

The FOIA requests themselves, whether accepted or rejected, also become part of the public record.

What sorts of fees are associated with a FOIA request?

The first 50 printed pages are free.  Other fees are assessed according to our fee schedule.

What would cause a FOIA request to be rejected?

A request may be rejected because it wasn’t specific enough.  Additionally, some information is specifically exempted by the FOIA statute.

If you contact the offices of our Freedom of Information Officers, staff can help you to make sure your request is specific enough and does not include exempted information.

If my request is rejected, how can I appeal this decision?

Appeals to FOIA requests should be directed to the Attorney General of the State of Illinois.

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