Union County Launches Unified Property Tax Solution

JONESBORO—Union County government is making further strides in increasing efficiencies and streamlining the flow of information.  Thanks to the hard work of County staff and officials and software vendor Thomson Reuters, the offices of the County Clerk, Treasurer and Supervisor of Assessments are now utilizing the same tax system.

“Even though these offices were all technically using the same software, they were never actually connected,” explained Union County CIO Rollie Hawk.  “There was a lot of information that had to be copied by hand from one office to another and bulk files had to be shuffled around servers.  That caused the whole tax cycle to be disjointed for many years.”

“Any time you have to do double entries or are entering data for another office, there’s more opportunity for errors,” Hawk added.  “Now that all three of the taxing offices are connected, there’s that much more assurance that information is both accurate and up to date.”

Hawk sees this as yet another sign of a bright future in Union County.

“There’s a real spirit of collaboration in the new courthouse that’s leading to some major long-term improvements.  Seeing County Clerk Terry Bartruff, Treasurer Darren Bailey and Supervisor of Assessments Tammy Robinson all working together like this is really setting the tone around here for years to come,” said Hawk.  “It’s a great time to be a part of this place.”

Robin Deering and her team at Thomson Reuters deserve a large share of the credit for helping Union County get to this point.

“Our team at Thomson Reuters worked alongside Union County officials and staff to integrate the tax administration and collection software package that the Clerk, Treasurer and Assessor presently use.   The integration of this software will facilitate a more efficient and productive work environment and allow the County to better service the needs of the citizens of Union County.   We are very appreciative of Union County’s business as a long standing customer and look forward to serving their needs for many years to come,” said Robin Deering, Senior Lead Applications Support Analyst for Tax and Accounting with Thomson-Reuters.

With these added efficiencies, the entire tax cycle will be affected in positive ways.

“We’re still at the mercy of the state in terms of waiting on the multipliers but by having all of us on the same system the taxing process will be more predictable in the future,” said Union County Treasurer Darren M. Bailey.  “Knowing when payments will be due year to year will be a great benefit to our tax payers.”

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