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County Commissioner’s Record No. 27


State of Illinois           )
                                               ss March 8, 2013
County of Union         )

The Union County Board of Commissioners met for a regular meeting at the new Union County Courthouse, Room 111 for the first time at 8:30 a.m.  Roll call was taken by Terry Bartruff with Dale Russell, Don Denny, Danny Hartline, Max Miller, Richard Cunningham, Darren Bailey and David Livesay present.

Don Denny: First on the agenda is the approval of the minutes.

Dale Russell: I will make a motion to approve the minutes from the regular board meeting held on February 22, 2013.

Max Miller: I’ll second it.

Don Denny: All those in favor say aye, opposed none.  Motion carried.

Dale Russell: I will make a motion to approve the executive session minutes from the meeting held on February 22, 2013 to remain closed to the public.

Danny Hartline: I’ll second it.

Don Denny: All those in favor say aye, opposed none.  Motion carried.

Don Denny: Speaking for Kevin Grammer, Mr Denny stated that interviews are going to be given for openings in the highway department.

Don Denny: Next on the agenda we will hear from Darren Bailey.

Darren Bailey: All I have today is to submit the financial statement. (See Attached Statement)

Don Denny: Next on the agenda is Ron Garner.

Ron Garner: I am submitting some recommendations to help with the littering problem throughout the county. (See attached list).

Danny Hartline: I spoke with the state work camp and they agreed to help clean up the county road litter, this could possibly happen on a weekly basis. I also talked with the sheriff about public service/probation people to help with the cleanup. All agreed that it was a good start to getting something done.

Don Denny: Next on the agenda is is Bill Bowen of the Ambulance Service.

Bill Bowen: Discussed a contract with ProCom about collecting past due accounts. The agency


would be paid a percentage of the dollars that were collected. Mr. Bowen was asked to write up a

policy concerning the procedures. At that time he said he would write it up.

There was a brief discussion on the Occupational Performance Rehab pertaining to job descriptions and Recommendations.

Don Denny: In the absence of project manager Mike Smith, I will submit the update report on the courthouse project. (See attached).

Sheriff Livesay reported on the lights not being able to be turned off. He stated that it would soon be rectified and that the lights were on timers.

Richard Cunningham reported on 911 stating that the $600,000.00 surplus had dropped to $300,000.00 because of lost land lines for phones because of the increase in cell phone use.

Don Denny: We need to meet with the 911 board to prepare for a potential deficit and ways to help avoid it.

Dale Russell reported that Southern Seven was doing well and financially in the black.

Don Denny gave a short report on Economic Development and that they would be meeting here next week.

Tyler Edmonds made a comment concerning the loss of monies from the state with no way to make up for it because of PTEL. There was some discussion on what to do about the matter.

Danny Hartline: I will make a motion to go into Executive session.

Richard Cunningham: I will second it.

Don Denny: All those in favor say aye, opposed none.  Motion carried.

Time: 9:54 a.m.

Dale Russell: I will make a motion to return to open session.

Don Denny: I will second it.

Don Denny: All those in favor say aye, opposed none.  Motion carried.

Time 11:01 a.m.

Darren Bailey: I would like to start to work on the budget process earlier this year to give us more time before it is due.

Sheriff Livesay: I just wanted to let the board know that the paint is peeling off the floor in the dispatch area. This needs to be addressed because of the electronics being affected because of the


paint dust.

Danny Hartline: I also noticed that there is a lip on the floor where the floor surfaces meet that is

not level. I am concerned it will cause problems.

Sheriff Livesay: I will look into this problem further and see what can be done and report back.

Sheriff Livesay: I also want to talk about the impound lot and the cost that my office is incurring to have the vehicles towed there. It costs us about $60.00 to have a vehicle towed and I would like to set up a special account that would pay for the towing. In turn any fees that were collected while the vehicles were stored would then be deposited into that account. The account would be self sustaining and monies could be transferred from there into general fund.

Don Denny: It sounds like that would work.

Terry Bartruff: I would like to discuss getting some cabinets under the counter top in my office. We really need some storage space and a lockable cash drawer for the fees we take in.

Danny Hartline: What do you think the cost would be?

Terry Bartruff: I will see if I can find out some costs and get back to you.

Danny Hartline: This should have been addressed when the courthouse was built.

Don Denny: It was hard to determine exactly what was needed in some of the offices. We also had a county official retire, a temporary one sworn in before the final appointment was made for the office.

Danny Hartline: I think we will be able to help you out with this Terry.

Richard Cunningham: I’ll make a motion to adjourn.

Danny Hartline: I will second it.

Don Denny: All those in favor say aye, opposed none.  Motion carried.

Time 11:00 a.m.

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