Union County Bicentennial Kick-off Event

The kick-off celebration of the bicentennial of the founding of Union County will be Saturday, January 6. The event is being held at the courthouse in Jonesboro from 2-4p.m. and is sponsored by the Union County Historical and Genealogy Society. Union County was officially formed as a county in the Illinois Territory on January 2, 1818 before Illinois became a state.

Governor Ninian Edwards (portrayed by States Attorney Tyler Edmonds) is reading the legislative act creating Union County. John and Julia Grammer (Duane Hileman and Lillian Milam) are also making an appearance.

Historical exhibits including copies of the 1818 census of Union County, plat maps showing the location of those owning property in the county and Jonesboro in 1818, the 1819 Jonesboro Township poll book, a list of the 1807 and 1813 squatters in Union County and where they were living, maps showing the progression of the development of the state of Illinois and photos of early Illinois statesmen.

First day postal issue envelops commemorating the event are going to be available for sale.

The Anna-Jonesboro Women’s Club is serving refreshments and Marshall Pogue, a violinist, is providing entertainment.

The event is open to the public and the wearing of pioneer type attire is encouraged but not necessary.

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