Sheriff and Emergency Managers Advise Residents in Flood-prone Areas


Union County Sheriff’s Office and the Union County Emergency Management Agency is advising residents that reside in low lying areas that are prone to flooding to take precautions and consider evacuation until river stages fall to safe levels. Please monitor all local news outlets, the Union County Sheriff’s Facebook page and the Union County web site to stay apprised of the most current information.

Until further notice, all normal siren testing has been suspended.  As a warning to the residents in the Wolf Lake and Ware area, in the event of a levee breach/flooding situation, the tornado sirens will be activated for a three (3) minute period.

On May 4, 2017, several sand boils were identified in a specific area located West of Wolf Lake, Illinois on the east side of the Mississippi River Levee.  Efforts from local, state and federal agencies have been working continuously to stabilize the sand boils that pose a risk to the integrity of the levee system and appear to be successful. However, this is does not eliminate the fact that the river levels are still at dangerous levels as they continue to rise and evacuation should still be considered.

For quick evacuation, residents are urged to assemble “items of personal need” such as medications and all forms of personal identification.

Due to the serious flooding hazard, by the authority of the Levee District and the Union County Sheriff, Scott Harvel, all levee roads are closed to public traffic.

Residents with any additional questions or concerns should contact the Union County Sheriff’s Office at 618-833-5500.

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