Union County Board Sees Value In Human Resource Management


Union County Board Sees Value In Human Resource Management

JONESBORO—At a regular meeting of the Union County Board of Commissioners, it was announced that Union County would begin work to fill a new position: Director of Human Resources.  Given the increasing complexities of complying with employment law, this is a position that more and more employers—in both the private and public sectors—are adding to their management staff.

“This is something we made a priority during budget time,” said Chairman Bobby Toler, Jr.  “We saw this as important so we set money aside to create the position.”

Such a move has been the subject of both internal and public discussions for several months now, brought up initially in roundtable discussions among officeholders.

“We’ve been speaking to Officials and Department Heads and they are all in agreement that this is something we need,” said Commissioner Danny Hartline.

Reducing liability is a major reason why the position is considered a priority.

“With the ACA, FMLA and other compliance issues that we have to stay on top of, you can think of this like insurance,” explained County Administrator Angela Coke.  “Just one lawsuit could cost way more than the salary for the position.  So it’s an important investment from a liability standpoint.”

Additionally, this position would remove a lot of the new employee onboarding duties from Officials and Department Heads, freeing them up to spend that time managing their offices and using the skills and expertise for which they were elected or hired.

“We’ve talked for a long time about the need for more formal HR work in county government,” added Chief Information Officer Rollie Hawk.  “There are companies out there that we could turn this over to, which was an option we initially considered, but having someone here as part of the team has a lot of advantages.”

Such advantages would include turning over payroll duties to the Director of Human Resources as well as being able to assist the Commissioners and other County Offices with ongoing projects and a variety of countywide management activities.

The Commissioners intend to take applications for the position until filled.


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