Union County Ambulance Announces 2016 EMS Grant Award

Union County Ambulance has been awarded $1625.00 from the Illinois EMS Assistance Fund for the purchase of a new stair chair with tracks for the service.

Application was made by Director Grant Capel in September of 2015 and funding was completed for the purchase and issued to Union County in August of 2016.  Union County Ambulance has received the new equipment and it will be added to the new generation of patient removal devices that have been part of an ongoing safety campaign for more technologically advanced equipment to aid in the safe removal of patients from the home.

The design of this particular type of equipment relieves the burden of lifting from the responder and allows for a controlled decent on stairways within the home.  This coupled with a new generation of power cots helps reduce the risk of injury to the responder and provides a safer and more secure positioning for the patient in a time of need.

Since 2013 Union County Ambulance has been the recipient of numerous funding grants and project awards to help update equipment and provide more advanced levels of service to the citizens of Union County.  These projects have been in conjunction with the Union County Board of Commissioners and represent a continued effort to offer the most up to date and advanced level of emergency medical services to the citizens and visitors of Union County.

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