Body Worn Cameras


July 13,2016

Body Worn Cameras

Press Release - Body Worn CamerasUnion County Sheriff Scott Harvel announced today that since July 1, 2016, Sheriffs Deputies from the Union County Sheriffs Office assigned to the patrol division have been issued and equipped with body worn cameras. Sheriffs Deputies will be required to wear the recording devices at all times while on duty and activate the body worn cameras during any interaction with the public.

The decision to equip Sheriffs Deputies with body worn cameras is a measure to promote professionalism, accountability and transparency during interactions with the public. Body worn cameras will record an unbiased account of the citizen contact and accurately document their encounter with law enforcement.

Body worn cameras will be an aid in the collection of potential evidence and great tool to evaluate the performance of Sheriffs Deputies during public interactions. Body worn cameras may also have a profound effect that could potentially deescalate a hostile encounter with a citizen when the citizen is aware that they are being recorded.

These cameras were purchased with a matching grant received from the Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust (ICRMT), the county insurance carrier, and funds available through the Sheriffs Anti-Crime Fund.

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