Union County Clerk And Treasurer Moving Forward On Financial Software Solutions


Union County Clerk And Treasurer Moving Forward On Financial Software Solutions

JONESBORO—At a regular meeting of the Union County Board of Commissioners, County Clerk Terry Bartruff and Treasurer Darren Bailey presented their preferences for the County’s financial software.  Adding to their previous recommendation to go with Intacct for a base financial software, the Board authorized the County Clerk and Treasurer to move forward with Paychex as a total payroll solution that would tie into Intacct.

Bartruff characterized Paychex as an option that would add significant efficiency to his office as well as others.

“Right now, department heads submit pay vouchers to my office,” said Bartruff.  “Then those vouchers are reviewed by the board, the county administrator and the treasurer by hand.  Then my staff have to enter all of that data into the computer.  With Paychex, all of that is entered electronically from the start.  That’s going to save my office and others a tremendous amount of time moving forward.  Compared to the cost of fixing what we have and with all the additional features, we’ll be saving a lot of money going forward.”

Bailey considers this a major benefit of the integration Intacct will bring to the County in the coming months.

“With Intacct, you get to mix and match with all sorts of other companies for exactly what you want.  In this case, Paychex is a company that focuses entirely on payroll and human resources,” Bailey told the Board of Commissioners.  “With more inclusive financial software, you either get all or none.  This is going to give us the flexibility we need for the future.”

County Administrator Kelly Carter is excited not only about the human resources portion of Paychex but the amount of access to information it places directly in the hands of employees.

“One of the best features of this software is the mobile app,” explained Carter.  “No matter where an employee is, he or she can pull up pay stubs, W2s and so on right from his or her phone.”

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